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Buying and Selling Collectible Coins in Ottawa

Ashbrook Collectibles has a stunning selection of collectible coins in Ottawa. If you’re an advanced numismatist, our inventory is constantly expanding to provide all collectors with options and variety. 


Our Ottawa shop offers a great selection of Canadian coins and coins from around the world. First-time visitors can find directions to our Ottawa shop on the contact us page. We look forward to seeing you!


Canadian Coins

On January 2nd 1908, the first piece of coinage was struck in Canada, a fifty-cent piece ceremoniously completed by the Countess Grey. Since then, the Royal Mint (later the Canadian Royal Mint) has made coin minting an art form — even striking one of the world’s largest coins, a 100-kilogram, 99.999% gold bullion coin worth one million dollars. Ashbrook Collectibles has a very large inventory of old Royal Canadian Mint coins on hand, including many of the Canadian decimal variety.


“Today, the majority of those collecting Canadian numismatic material specializes in the decimal coin series.”


“Building a Collection – Decimal coin collections can be formed in a variety of ways. Coins may come from pocket change, family hoards, the bank, the mint or from other collectors. In general, older coins no longer circulate and the excitement of searching through change for missing dates has been diminished by the withdrawal of silver coins from circulation.”


“Collecting is a matter of individual taste. Some people collect by design type, others concentrate on one or two denominations or monarchs, while some brave souls try to collect the entire decimal series. Regardless of which path you choose, there is a variety of coin boards, envelopes and other supplies available to help house and organize your collection. For reasons of security many collectors keep their best coins in a bank vault.”


“Another decision that must be made when building a collection is the minimum state of preservation one will accept when buying coins. As a general rule, it is advisable to buy the best condition coins one can afford.”




“A coin’s value is determined by a combination of supply and demand. The 1870’s 50-cent piece does not command as high a premium as the 1921 coin of the same denomination because there are many more 1870s than 1921s available.”


“Finally, the state of preservation of a coin markedly influences its value. It is not unusual for an uncirculated (brand new) George V silver coin, for example, to sell for 100 times what a coin of the same date and denomination would bring in well-worn condition.”


The above text is taken from Canadian Coins Volume One: Numismatic Issues 72nd edition 2019 Mark Drake Publisher Toronto, Ont., Canada The Charlton Press

Coin Grading and Evaluation

Do you have a coin, but don’t know its real value? We would be happy to identify, grade and evaluate your coins. We operate with an open-book policy, which allows the customers to see the catalogue prices of their coins. We can answer any questions and offer advice suited to the individual customer.

What We Buy & Sell?

Ashbrook Collectibles buys and sells the following:

Decimal (circulating) silver coins

Error and variety of coins

Royal Canadian mint coins

Annual coin sets

Worldwide coinage

Paper money (currency)

Single coin items


Coin Supplies

Be sure to check out our store to see what we carry. We are distributors of Lighthouse products and always sell their products at the same price. Please follow the link to their online catalogue. We can special order any supplies listed.

Local Coin Shop

Ashbrook Collectibles is the premier choice for rare coins in Ottawa.

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