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Gold and Silver Bars

Precious Metals in Ottawa and Gatineau

You can now buy or sell precious metals in Ottawa, Gatineau, and surrounding areas at Ashbrook Collectibles. Since 1998, we have been Ottawa’s destination for buyers and sellers of gold and silver. We sell our bullion items at competitive prices based on market values. When you are purchasing precious metals, our prices are always fair and based on an honest evaluation of your pieces.


If you have a gold or silver item that you want to know the monetary value of, schedule your visit. Our knowledgeable appraisers are ready to evaluate your item and quote a fair price.

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What We Buy and Sell?

Some of the items we buy and sell include:


  • Bullion

  • Estate jewellery

  • Scrap metals

  • Jewellery (watches, earrings, rings, etc.)

  • Junk metals

  • Refined and unrefined gold and silver

Market Rate Prices

To ensure customers receive a fair price for gold, silver, and other metals, we base our payouts on the current spot market prices and exchange rates of the internet’s best resources for up-to-date market rates.

Easy Selling

We make offers to purchase at the purchasing desk with the customer. You simply need to bring the item(s) into the store, and we will make an offer. Since we don’t receive a commission, there is never any pressure to sell, and we always offer fair prices.

Poured and Stamped Bars

We deal with all fractional gold and silver bars, ranging from one gram up to 100 ounce and kilo bars.

Visit Us

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, there’s one place in Ottawa for precious metals — visit Ashbrook Collectibles today! Get directions to Ashbrook Collectibles.

Gold and Silver

Gold and Silver

Get cash for your gold, silver and other precious metals at Ashbrook Collectibles.

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