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Buy and Sell Estate Jewellery in Ottawa and Gatineau

Ashbrook Collectibles is the best place to sell antique and estate jewellery in Ottawa, Gatineau, and surrounding areas. The market today is flooded with "Cash for gold" companies that dispense quick cash for your old gold and silver jewellery. However, your valuable pieces are appraised at scrap metal values. 


On the other hand, pawn shops and gold buyers often purchase your items for the sole purpose of acquiring gold content and are likely to destroy the pieces. Once your antique, finely-crafted jewellery item is destroyed, its craftsmanship and authenticity are lost. Artistry and history are lost. At Ashbrook Collectibles, we resell items at affordable prices and offer discerning buyers more value and individuality than modern jewellery. 

Why Should You Sell to Ashbrook Collectibles?

We find new homes for valued family treasures. Sometimes vintage jewellery is inherited, but isn't always practical or wanted. We recognize the quality and significance of family heirlooms and believe they should be treated with the respect that they deserve and not just bought for their gold content. Reclaim the past - buy estate jewellery!

Get Your Item Appraised

Get Your Item Appraised

Whether it’s an old, dirty coin or an extensive selection of vintage items, you can count on us to offer fair prices.

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